en-US Watch the moment men first landed on the moon Walter Cronkite anchored CBS News live coverage on July 20, 1969, as Apollo 11's "Eagle" lunar lander, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, touched down on the moon. TV viewers were seeing a simulation of the lander, since NASA's video cameras were not yet operating on the moon. Fri, 19 2019 19:08:31 GMT Buzz Aldrin #039;disappointed#039; in America#039;s progress since Apollo 11: #039;We have the No. 1 rocket and spacecraft and they can’t get into lunar orbit#039; Speaking at an event honoring Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, said he's "disappointed" with the progress America's space program has made over the past 50 years. Fri, 19 2019 16:45:56 GMT I worked out in a dress from Outdoor Voices, the startup behind the most Instagram-worthy exercise clothes — and no, it#039;s not a gimmick Can you workout in a dress? Outdoor Voices says yes.  The activewear brand recently released the Exercise Dress ($100). It's a sweat-wicking, stretchy, nylon dress that's meant to move with your through all kinds of workouts.  I tried the dress out for myself, and while it's not suited for all types of exercises, this dress is great for a variety of high- and low-impact workouts, and athleisure wear. You can go dance in a dress. You can eat lunch in a dress. You can sit in a dress. You can stand in a dress. Why not exercise in a dress? Outdoor Voices, the activewear brand that's all about doing things (that's their motto), dropped a $100 workout dress last summer — and there was a lot of hype. People posted pictures of themselves lifting weights, Instagram videos of crossing marathon finish lines, and achieving bendy yoga poses, all while draped in the stretchy nylon dress.  The idea of exercising in dresses isn't entirely new. I grew up playing tennis in dresses and skirts, but they weren't necessarily cute — I didn't want to leave the court and go hang out for a day in my tennis clothes. What makes the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress stand out is that it looks nice, like something you'd wear around for a day of flea-market hopping and happy hours. It has a flattering skater dress shape, and the only giveaways that this is really meant for workouts is the nylon sheen and racer back straps.  And, what's not to like about the idea of a dress? They're low maintenance, and you only have to deal with one item of clothing. Slip on a dress, and boom, you have your whole outfit ready. If I could just pop on a dress every day to head to the gym, my morning workout routines would be a lot easier. So, I decided to give the Exercise Dress a try, and see if it's really true that you can, in fact, exercise in a dress.  Details of the dress First of all, this dress is pretty adorable. It has a simple skater dress shape, and is tight in all the right places for a flattering look. Second of all, it's super soft. The dress itself is made of a breathable nylon, while the inside liner is made with a stretchy spandex — both layers are very lightweight. I was surprised to find that the liner wasn't just a pair of spandex shorts, but more like a piece of shapewear — it's one long swath of spandex that covers everything, so you don't have to be worried about any slips at the gym. This spandex is silky-smooth, feels great on your skin, and really holds everything in — I've been wearing a sports bra under the dress, but the dress is definitely supportive enough on its own that you can forgo wearing one if you'd like.  I can't forget to mention the best feature of this dress: pockets. One pocket, large enough to hold your phone, graces the side of the spandex shorts. This may not seem like a huge deal, but I'm sure most women would agree, our clothing needs more pockets. This dress satisfies in that regard.  The dress comes in five colors: black, navy, red, green, and a black and white polka dot. I got to try the dress in navy, which I love. It's a nice neutral that makes it easy to wear just about anywhere.  Working out in the dress I first took the dress for a spin to play tennis, a seemingly natural step. It was a particularly hot day in New York City and the sun was really beating down on the courts. I say this because as much as I was sweating throughout the two-hour session, the dress didn't show any signs of it. My face, on the other hand, was another story, but the dress was clean and dry — truly a testament to its moisture-wicking capabilities.  Then came the gym. I was a little nervous to wear this outfit, worried about weird stares before I even stepped inside. Once I did though, I was relieved. Nobody cared — I realized everyone was there to focus on their own workout and not what I was wearing, so I went about my exercising as normal. This is where things got iffy. I love how this dress looks and feels, but I have to admit it's not suited for all types of workouts. For running, tennis and even squats or lifting, it's great. For HIIT workouts and ab routines, where you're constantly moving around in multiple directions, this dress would not be my first choice. While it was comfortable throughout, I felt a little exposed as the dress rode up while I did high-knees and other moves. I would wear this to the gym or an exercise class again, but only if I knew I would be doing a lower-intensity workout.  The bottom line I think this dress is a great buy. At $100, it may seem pricey, but it's a whole workout outfit in just one piece. Not to mention, it's one of the comfiest dresses I've ever worn. I love that I could wear this to a morning brunch on a day when I have an afternoon workout planned, or to a dinner with friends after exercising, and still feel presentable enough to be out and about. If you're looking to change up your workout wardrobe, pare it down, or you just want to see what it's like to workout in a dress, you should give the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress a try. Because, yes, you can exercise in a dress —  and you'll probably like doing it, too.  Get the Exercise Dress, $100, at Outdoor Voices Shop all activewear at Outdoor VoicesJoin the conversation about this story » Fri, 19 2019 15:45:00 GMT Hollywood Shoots The Moon: 117 Years Of Lunar Landings At The Movies Motion pictures went to the moon long before Apollo 11 did, and they keep going back. Critic Bob Mondello reflects on the many films, from 1902 to today, that have made the journey. Fri, 19 2019 12:01:09 GMT New moon: What lunar living will look like in 100 years NOTE FOR 2019 READERS: This is the eighth in a series of open letters to the next century. The series marks a little-known chronological milestone. According to UN data, life expectancy at birth in 27 countries now exceeds 81 years — so babies born in 2019 are more likely than not to be alive in 2100. What will life be like at the other end of these kids' lives? Dear July 20, 2119,From the 50th to the 150th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, greetings!No doubt you’ll be marking this moment just as we are — by watching that hallowed, grainy footage from 1969. We can share a knowing smile at the outdated fashions and habits. (All those white men wearing ties and smoking cigarettes at mission control!) Our hearts will race all over again when NASA loses contact with the three astronauts during orbital maneuvers, or when the late, legendary Neil Armstrong avoids a disastrous crash landing by the Sea of Tranquility with only seconds left on the fuel clock. Read more...More about Future, Moon, Apollo 11, Moon Landing, and Science Fri, 19 2019 10:00:00 GMT Australian dad celebrates 50th anniversary of lunar landing by making backpack simulation A father made a backpack simulating the lunar landing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing to try with his son at their home in Terrigal, Australia. The simulator user was the puppeteer of the device, created by adding an electrical circuit to a 3D print out of the lunar lander so that an alarm sounded and a light went on when the lander tilted This video was filmed on July 19. Fri, 19 2019 08:00:03 GMT Here’s what we’ve left behind on the Moon More than 413,000 pounds: That’s the estimated total weight of all man-made items left on the moon since Apollo 11 astronauts became the first to land there in 1969. This “lunar litter,” as documentary filmmaker Arlen Parsa called it in his 2012 short film, is itemized in a 22-page document from NASA. Fri, 19 2019 09:00:23 GMT Here#39;s Every Single Mission to the Moon in One Chart The Cold War propelled lunar exploration, but humans last stepped foot on the moon in 1972. Now, a new moon race is on, with new players. Thu, 18 2019 15:12:01 GMT Message-in-a-bottle author found after 50 years Briton Paul Gilmore says he always hoped to receive a reply to the note he dropped from an ocean liner. Thu, 18 2019 16:04:44 GMT Apollo 11: Never-before-seen video reveals lunar samples were searched for signs of life As the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing nears, NASA has released never-before-seen footage of scientists checking the lunar samples that were brought back for signs of life Thu, 18 2019 13:46:56 GMT